2019 Edition

The 13th edition winners are announced!

This year, in the family transfer category, the winners are: Attraction, Groupe Cambli and Laroche Mécanique du Bâtiment. In the entrepreneurial transfer category, the winners are: Information ProContact, Moteurs Électriques Laval and Ste-Marie Sport.


The organizers gratefully thank the Honorary president Serge Harnois, President and CEO, Harnois Énergies, the sponsors, and the judging panels of the 2019 edition.

Family transfer category

Gold medalists: Attraction

Silver medalists: Groupe Cambli

Bronze medalists: Laroche Mécanique Du Bâtiment

Entrepreneurial transfer category:

Gold medalists: Informatique ProContact

Silver medalists: Moteurs Électriques Laval

Bronze medalists: Ste-Marie Sport

Family transfer judging panel:

Entrepreneurial transfer judging panel: