This evaluation chart will be used by jurors to assess your nomination. Your nomination package must briefly describe each of the following criteria:

Company Overview

Briefly describe your company:

  • History;
  • Management team (name, title, key responsibilities);
  • Executive Committee, Family Council and Board of Directors;
  • Nature of operations and description of products;
  • Number of employees;

Transfer planning and transfer of knowledge

The transfer team has kept the company’s headquarters in Quebec and the ownership and leadership control has been successfully handed over (seamless transition for the company’s clients, suppliers, employees and other partners) by, for instance:

  • Constituting a balanced team with complementary skills;
  • Fine-tuning the skills of each member of the transfer team;
  • Participating in the company’s management;
  • Benefiting from the previous management team’s experience;
  • Planning the company’s handover to one or more members of the transfer team.

Describe the business transfer plan within the framework of the transfer process.

Transfer of Leadership and Ownership

The transfer team aims for company growth and to better its position within the industry. The leadership team has been able to create a vision and company culture that it shares effectively with its employees, clients and other partners, thus earning their respect and trust.

Describe the responsibilities each member of the team plays in the company and the current role of members of the previous management team, where applicable.

Explain how the transfer team has dealt with changes related to the transfer of leadership, and describe the main challenges it has had to face.

Produce an organizational chart that shows current shareholders at the time of the application and the shareholders after previous steps in the transfer plan.

Vision for the Future

The transfer team has a long-term vision and has established a business expansion plan by, for instance:

  • Developing a strategic plan;
  • Understanding the market and their competitors;
  • The workforce and supply chain challenges;
  • How you respond to current issues, such as cybersecurity or environmental, social and governance (“ESG”);
  • Innovating with new products or services, concept, and market development.

Describe how the transfer team has helped develop and grow the company.

Financial Health

The transfer team has secured the long-term sustainability of the business with a development or growth plan. Show to what extent the change in management has had a positive effect on the financial health of the company with regards to, specifically for instance:

  • Revenues;
  • Level of profitability (gross margin and net margin);
  • Digitization of finance processes;
  • Market share;
  • Working capital ratio;
  • Debt ratio;
  • Any other performance measures.

Those transfer teams who are finalists will be selected for a jury interview and must present their financial statements for the previous two years to the jury chair. (Note: all documents provided to the jury will be kept under strict confidentiality.)