Honorary President 2022

A word from our 2022 edition Honorary President

Running a business, as has been highlighted so clearly in the last two years, is a complex and daunting task. Layering families and businesses together brings even more challenges that one wonders how family businesses can succeed. Wanting to be successful, meeting the expectations of prior generations, preserving and building value for future generations – these goals of a leader within a family business are closely aligned with typical shareholder and management objectives. They can even lead to clearer long-term vision and thinking in an environment where others are overtaken by short-term objectives and rewards. But the challenges are many. How to transition from one generation to the next? Which family members should be in the business, and which should not? When is the family best served by outside management, as opposed to family leadership? I have been privileged to grow up in a family business and to see that business through the eyes of a child, as an employee and now as a leader. It has been a great challenge and a great education. I have incredible respect for how my father managed the transition to my leadership, and now focus on the task of guiding our business forward and integrating the next generation. Participating in this contest which highlights successful Quebec family and entrepreneurial businesses which thrive over time, with transitions to new generations of leadership, is an honour and a tribute to the strength family ties can bring to a business. 


David Cape became president of Groupe Marcelle in 2003. He began his professional career as president of Princeton Transportation Consulting Group, developing software systems for large U.S. motor carriers. In April 1994, David returned to Montreal to work with his father Michael Cape and take on the position of executive vice president at Groupe Marcelle. Married to Victoria Cape, they have four sons, two of whom work at Groupe Marcelle. Today, David serves as the chair of the Montreal Federation’s Combined Jewish Appeal campaign. David holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Management Systems from Princeton University.

David Cape
Groupe Marcelle